Crystal Growth and Wafering Lab: Czochralski crystal puller; Inner diameter (ID) wafer saw; Ingot shaper, Wire-saw for silicon ingots; Walking Beam Furnace; Wafer polishing station; Wafer dicing machine.

Thin-film Deposition Lab: Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), Electron-beam and thermal evaporation, Radio frequency (rf) and dc sputtering.

Bulk Semiconductor and Thin-film Characterization Lab: Microwave photoconductivity decay measurement (-PCD); Laser beam induced currents (LBIC); Hall effect measurement; Four point probe; Non-contact resistivity mapping; Deep level transient spetroscopy (DLTS); Spectroscopic ellipsometry; Wide-band spectrophotometer; Extended range infrared spectrometer with Hyperion microscope.

Nano-PV Lab: Specialized glove-box and fumehoods for chemical synthesis of quantum dots; Hydrothermal autoclave and thermal CVD tools for nanowire growth; Electron-beam Writing; Reactive ion etcher, Tools for formation of quantum-dot embedded Layers; Dip-coating system; Centrifuge, titrator, high-speed shaker.

Nano-materials Characterization Lab: Steady-state and lifetime fluorimeter photoluminescence (PL) system with quantum yield, cryostat and fluorescence microscope; Electron backscatter diffractometry (EBSD); Cathodoluminescence (CL); Scanning electron microscope (SEM); Electron beam induced current (EBIC) mapping.

PV Device Fabrication Lab: High temperature 4-stack Furnaces for dopant diffusion, annealing, and oxidation; Rapid thermal processor; Mask aligner and photolithography; Surface profilometer; Wet chemical processing; Electro-chemical etching station; Plasma etching; PECVD thin-film deposition; Anti-reflection coatings.

PV Device Characterization Lab: Quantum efficiency measurement; Integrated sphere reflection; Probe station; I-V Parametric Analyzer; High frequency and quasi-static capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurement; Solar simulator.

High Throughput Solar Cell Processing Lab: Semi-automatic fineline screen-printer with full alignment capability; Drying ovens; Infrared firing furnaces; Conveyor belt furnaces; Large area cell processing.

PV Module Lab: Module laminator (60cm x 60cm); EVA modification; Lamination sheet optical characterization, PV module emulator.

Design and Simulation Software: Computing facilities; Design Tools for High Efficiency PV Device Architectures; Lumerical simulation package for plasmonic structures; Design and simulation of intelligent power conditioning circuits; Software for performance analysis of grid-connected and hybrid PV systems.






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