Promoting maximal use of renewable energy technologies is key to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. However, in doing so we should provide energy solutions that are reliable, safe, economically viable, and able to strengthen industry prospects.


To strategize the research activities with the aim of rendering PV affordable, competitive, and reliable as an energy alternative.

To conduct cutting-edge research through a multi-disciplinary approach to develop cost-effective PV materials and technologies.

To advance knowledge and technical expertise in the field of PV by pushing the frontiers of research forward and to continue to lead by innovation.

To function as the prime R&D incubator in Canada for PV technologies and to form strategic alliances with other institutions and collaboration with industry.

To follow an operational strategy that ensures and eases the transition of the academic/research/innovation cycle into the technology/industry/commerce cycle.

To ensure the health and safety aspects of the renewable energy technologies at the manufacturing, application, and end-of-life stages and to contribute to policy-making through in-depth studies.

To contribute to the development of highly qualified personnel through specialized training and knowledge build-up in PV and related areas.

To enhance graduate research and education through specialized courses, seminars, and symposia.

To promote the vision of renewable energy among academic, industrial, and public sectors









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