Silicon Crystal Growth: Silicon feedstock treatment; Czochralski growth of Si ingots from feedstock with different purity levels; Wire-sawing and wafering technologies.

Non-planar Crystal Techniques: Thermal deformation-based Si ribbon techniques; Sphere-shaped silicon crystals for flexible PV technology.

Semiconductor Material Improvement: Defect engineering; Impurity control; Characterization of material properties; Evaluation of growth techniques.

Thin-film Semiconductor Materials: Advanced deposition techniques for epitaxial, nanocrystalline, and microcrystalline thin films.

Device Design: Design, modeling, and simulation of advanced PV devices with high performance and technology up-scalability.

Photovoltaic Device Technology: Development of material-specific fabrication technologies, prototyping, and industry-scalable process sequences; Performance and stability characterization of PV devices.

Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Dots: Growth techniques for nanowires (e.g. ZnO, Si), and formation of quantum dot layers (e.g. Si, CdSe, PbS) by mask-less and simplified nano-patterning techniques.

Structural and Optical Properties Nanostructures: Characterization for photon absorption and emission properties of quantum dots and nanowires; co-relation to structural properties and formation methods.

Nano Photovoltaics: Concepts for ultra-high performance PV devices with spectral-engineered nanostructures, quantum dot devices for enhanced photo-carrier generation and collection.

Health and Safety of PV technologies: Safety aspects of new materials for PV; operational safety of PV systems; re-cycling options.

Photovoltaic Modules: Design and fabrication of small PV modules, new encapsulating materials for wafer-based and thin-film technologies; stability and reliability testing.

Back-end Power Conditioning: Module design with integrated electronics, inverters, and multi-functional interfaces.





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