Synthesis and Characterization of Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Injection and non-injection synthesis of core and core/shell quantum dot structures (CdSe, CdSe/ZnS, CIS, CIS/ZnS etc), optoelectronic characterization, tuning of properties for photovoltaic and display applications.

Nanofabrication Techniques: Top-down and bottom-up methods for processing nanowires (ZnO, Si, SiN, etc), charge transfer mechanisms at QD/NW interfaces, processing and characterization of graphene nanoparticles.

Advanced Solar Cell Technologies: Development of material-specific fabrication processes for Si wafer-based and thin-film photovoltaic devices, prototyping, technology scaling, device characterization.

Backplane Electronics for Flat Panel Displays: High speed backplanes with transistor circuits on spherical silicon, Development of hybrid transistor technology for pixel driving.

Thin Films and Heterojunction Devices: Thinfilm deposition by RF-sputtering, PECVD, and LPCVD techniques (ZnO, Al-ZnO, a-Si, poly-Si, epi-Si etc.), formation of heterojunction for photovoltaic and photodetector applications.

Quantum Dot-enabled Color-Patterning in Displays: Color-patterning by photon down-shifting quantum dots for micro-LED and OLED based displays,  processes for nano-particle embedment and layer integration.

Smart Circuits Design and Implementation: Design of smart circuits for energy management, back-end electronics for photovoltaic systems, hybrid renewable systems.

Improved Lamination Materials for Photovoltaic Modules: Development of new lamination schemes with quantum dot-enhanced glass/laminate interfaces, studies on photon down-shifting, enhancement of performance and stability.

Safety Aspects in Nanomaterials Processing: Studies of safety and toxicity issues in nanomaterial processing environments, methodologies for large-scale synthesis, and influence of materials choice.



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