CAPDS provides a wide range of services in micro/nano fabrication, materials/device characterization, and process design assistance to both internal and external researchers as well as to industry. We can also provide training to long-term and repeat users. The services offered include,

Device processing: Thermal processing (junction formation, oxidation etc), Patterning and lithography, metallization, wafer dicing etc.

Thin film deposition: Various thin films by PECVD, LPCVD, Sputtering (RF and dc), Evaporation (e-beam and thermal) etc.

Nano-materials processing: Synthesis of various quantum dot structures, layer embedment, fabrication of nanostructures etc.

Materials characterization: Minority carrier lifetime mapping, Sheet resistivity and Hall, Ellipsometry, Surface profiling, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, UV-Vis IR spectrophotometry, photoluminescence etc.

Device testing: Probe station I-V characterization, capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements, Quantum efficiency, Solar cell efficiency under AM1.5 solar simulator, Reflectivity measurements, Device stability etc.

Photovoltaic Modules: Lamination of research-scale mini solar modules, testing and characterization.

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